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5-8-19:  Parenting Seminar Announced!  Register here


10-24-18:  Tips for Preparing your Child for Vaccinations

See Dr. Lopez's video on our Facebook page here.

Success & Vaccinations: Before, During, & After Tips


9-10-18:  It's FLU VACCINE TIME!

We are now accepting appointments for our FLU VACCINE CLINICS, which will be held September 25th – 27th and October 30th – November 1st from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. If your child happens to be in for a check-up or other visit any time in the near future, we should be able to give the vaccine at that time as well as to any siblings who may also be present at the time of that visit. With rare exception, we recommend influenza vaccination for our patients 6 months of age and older. Please call (216) 382-3800 to arrange an appointment during one of our vaccine clinics.

We are happy to offer again the quadrivalent flu vaccine, which protects against four strains of influenza. Some children ages 6 months through 8 years should receive two doses of vaccine this season, separated by at least four weeks. These include those receiving an influenza vaccine for the first time and those that have received fewer than two doses before July 1, 2018.

Similar to the last two years, only inactivated (injectable, “shot” type) type of seasonal flu vaccine will be administered. Live, intranasal flu (“Flumist”) showed inferior effectiveness during previous flu seasons, and its effectiveness against A/H1N1 is unknown.

Please see this link for detailed information: Inactivated Influenza (Flu) Vaccine

We do not anticipate any shortage of vaccine.

For answers to many common questions about the flu & vaccination against it, please read Children and Influenza from the CDC.



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11-2-2016:  Online credit card payments:

We have temporarily disconnected our online payment option.  We are contracting with a new credit card processor who will offer e-billing and online payments.  We appreciate your patience during this transition.  Please call our office to make your credit card payment or mail your payment information in the envelope provided with your statement.  Thank you.


11-27-2012:  Newborn infants in the hospital will now be covered by the in-house hospitalist pediatricians at University Hospitals of Cleveland and Hillcrest Hospital.  We feel extremely confident in their care, and they communicate with us regarding the details of the newborn hospitalization.  We recommend proceeding with the recommended newborn screening for hearing deficit and for heart disease as well as the Ohio Newborn Screen required by the state.  We also recommend babies receive their first hepatitis B vaccination while in the hospital.  If you have questions or concerns arising during your newborn's stay, please discuss these with the pediatrician in the hospital, and you are always welcome to call us during the day at the office at (216) 382-3800.  We typically see newborns to check on their feeding and weight 2-3 days after they are discharged from the hospital, but occassionally the doctor at the hospital may recommend coming in the day after discharge, and we will accommodate  that as well.


1-23-2012:  Please be aware that in the interest of your child, family, & community's well being, we strongly recommend complete vaccination consistent with the standards put forth by the American Committee on Immunization Practices and the American Academy of Pediatrics.  The doctors are each happy to address concerns you may have about vaccinating your child.  In order to keep our office as safe of a place as possible for newborns and all people, we are not accepting new patients who refuse to vaccinate their child.  For more information, please see Immunizations: Protect Your Child From Disease.


6-30-2010:  Before you call for medical advice, please consider checking out the "KidsDoc Symptom Checker" on  It is derived from the same type of protocols our nurses use when they answer you calls.  There is also an iPhone/iTouch application!