Special Services


Acute Care of Injuries

(including cuts, concern of bony injury, and concussions)

We can often help you avoid an emergency room visit.  Please call if your child is injured so that we can help determine a proper plan of action.


ADHD Evaluations

We often work with families and schools to help evaluate and manage concerns with learning, attention, and/or hyperactivity.


Medical Ear Piercing

Drs. Joyce and Namrow are pleased to offer ear piercing in our office for established patients in our practice.

Why get your child’s ears pierced by our doctors?

  • We use only high quality titanium or medical plastic earrings that are extremely hypoallergenic, sterile, and safe. The risk of infection or skin reaction is extremely low.
  • Our medical earrings require no twisting or manipulation once they are in place. Aftercare only includes simple cleansing, and clear directions are provided.
  • Your piercing and aftercare instruction come from one of our experienced board certified physicians, Kelly Joyce, MD, or Alex Namrow, MD.
  • We are specialists in treating infants and children. We provide a non-threatening and professional environment for what can be a stressful experience.
  • We are comfortable piercing the ears of infants as young as 7 months, after they have received their primary series of vaccinations.

The fee for ear piercing is $80, and includes the visit and procedure, the starter earrings, and supply of sterile cleansing swabs for aftercare use. Several styles of earrings are available. Because we use an enclosed sterile piercing system, we can only use our earrings for the initial piercing. After 6 weeks, you may change to an earring of your choice at home.

Please call 216-382-3800 if you would like to schedule an appointment to have your child’s ears pierced or if you have additional questions.



Wart Removal

We offer evaluation and possible treatment after discussion for the common wart.